Planning and Bus Stop Improvements

We care about your safety and comfort from the moment you arrive at the bus stop to the time you disembark. Let us know how we can make your experience better. 

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Bus Stop Improvements

GoDurham is committed to providing a safe and comfortable customer experience at the bus stop. We are working to improve the customer experience through: 

  • Locating bus stops in safe locations where people need them

  • Providing clean and well-maintained bus stops and shelters

  • Installing more bus stop amenities such as shelters, benches and trash cans

Better Bus Stops Program

GoDurham is working to improve the customer experience by installing more amenities at GoDurham bus stops. The Better Bus Stops program will the City of Durham’s process to determine where new bus stop amenities will be installed. We will be developing the program during the summer and fall of 2016. A final recommended program will be presented to the City of Durham for review in the fall of 2016. Your input will help GoDurham prioritize where new bus stop features will be placed around the City of Durham. 

The Better Bus Stops program will establish a vision for bus stop improvements that reflects the values and priorities of the Durham community. We want to make sure that the bus stop improvements address the most critical community needs and that the investments match the values of the community. The Better Bus Stops vision, goals and objectives will be used to develop a process to prioritize which bus stops are improved and what amenities are installed. 

Bus stop improvements are funded through a one-half cent local sales tax with additional federal and/or state support. Bus stop improvements were identified as a need in the Durham County Bus and Rail Investment Plan that was approved by Durham County voters in November 2011.

We want to hear from you about what you need at the bus stop!

Public involvement will be very important in identifying community values and priorities. We will seek community input at public workshops, community meetings, local fairs and festivals during the summer 2016. If you want to talk to us at your neighborhood group meeting or event, please let us know

Take a look at our survey and help us prioritize and define our goals for GoDurham bus stop improvements! 

GoDurham Bus Stop Survey


The Better Bus Stops program is a planning process to prioritize bus stop improvements. We will be holding public events to get public feedback during the summer of 2016. 

  • Initial public outreach about preferences for bus stop improvements in March-May 2016. 

  • Public outreach events to discuss community values and priorities in June/July 2016

  • Use public comment to develop a recommendation on how to prioritize bus stops for improvement in fall 2016. This will be presented to the City of Durham for review and approval.

Once the Better Bus Stops program is approved by the City of Durham, GoTriangle will begin implementing improvements to GoDurham bus stops. GoTriangle will manage the design and construction of the bus stop improvements on behalf of the City of Durham. 

Meeting Materials

Learn more about the Better Bus Stops program:


Questions? Comments? 

The Better Bus Stops program is being managed by GoTriangle on behalf of the City of Durham. GoTriangle will present a final recommendation for the program to the City of Durham for review and approval. If you have questions about the process or would like to schedule a meeting with the project team, please contact us below: 

Jennifer Green, Capital Projects Planner, GoTriangle,, 919-485-7529

Jeffrey Sullivan, Public Outreach Associate, GoTriangle,, 919-485-7490

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Bull City residents have the opportunity to improve the appearance and safety of our community by partnering with Keep Durham Beautiful to "adopt" a bus stop.

The Adopt-A-Stop program allows residents to make a difference in the community to help keep Durham litter-free. Volunteers should clean their bus stop at least twice a month. Getting on board with the Adopt-a-Stop program is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Choose a bus stop; contact Keep Durham Beautiful to set up an Adoption Agreement
  2. Sign the agreement and pick up work logs, safety materials, and supplies from Keep Durham Beautiful.
  3. Keep your stop clean. Volunteers should clean their stops at least twice a month. In exchange for completed work logs, adoptees will get 15 day passes per month.

Contact Keep Durham Beautiful at 919-560-4197 to find out how you can help.

Transit Service Planning

What we do 

The transit service planning staff are responsible for developing and analyzing bus route and schedule plans, including near-future transit service alternatives, intermediate-range service plans, and long-range service concepts. They also analyze and assist in the preparation of transit schedules and fare policies and are responsible for adding and improving bus stop amenities.


We would love your feedback on any aspect of GoDurham service, including improving current routes or suggesting new routes or stop locations.

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Service Changes

GoDurham typically updates bus service twice a year as new routes are rolled out and existing routes are adjusted. 

Current Approved Changes 


Staff will implement the following changes  August 6, 2016. 

NEW Route 20 Woodcroft/South Square/Duke/VA Limited – A new route from southern Durham/Woodcroft area to the Duke/VA medical area.

Route 10L – Route 20 will serve Jordan High School. Route 10L will be discontinued. 

Route 4 – The inbound stop at Duke Regional Hospital will be moved from the hospital grounds to Roxboro St.

Route 12 – To address increased travel times due to the Alston Avenue construction project, the route will only serve Riddle Rd and Cornwallis Rd in one direction each round trip. 

Route 15 – Route 15 will no longer enter the Alexander Place Promenade shopping center. A new stop will be added on Brier Creek Pkwy at Skyland Ridge Pkwy, approximately 840 feet from Walmart's main entrance. The current 5PM trip departing Durham Station will be shifted to 4:45PM to improve on-time performance during afternoon peak hours.

Routes 16A/16B/2A – Due to the East End Connector construction causing safety concerns for customers crossing US 70 on foot, as well as on-time performance issues for Route 2A, there will be routing and naming changes on Routes 16A/16B/2A. Route 16 Sunday and Night Service will be renamed Route 3L. Route 16a will be renamed Route 3B and will follow new routing. Route 16b will be renamed Route 3C and will also get new routing. Night and Sunday service on Routes 2B and 16 will be combined into Route 23. Extended Service Hours – GoDurham will now operate until 9:00 PM on Sundays. The last trip will depart Durham Station at 9:00 PM.>

In addition, other routes may have minor schedule changes to improve schedule reliability.

Past Changes 

September 2015

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Frequently Asked Questions

This section is under development. If you have any questions related to bus stops or service planning, please email

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Public Meetings

GoDurham invites anyone who is interested to attend its public meetings to be held 6:30-8 p.m. on the 2nd floor of  the Durham Station located at 515 West Pettigrew Street, Durham, NC 27701. The 2017 GoDurham Public Meeting dates are January 11, March 1, May 3, July 5, September 6 and November 1.

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Durham Short-Range Transit Plan

GoDurham and GoTriangle are working on new Short-Range Transit Plans to improve bus service for our current customers while also learning how to attract new riders. Although the end result will be two separate plans (a Five-Year Transit Plan for GoDurham and a 10-Year Transit Plan for GoTriangle), these efforts will be coordinated to make sure connections between systems are as efficient and useful as possible.
Please help us by taking this survey; we need to hear from you!
Public Meeting Opportunities:
6:30 p.m., Sept. 27
Durham Station
515 W. Pettigrew St.
Durham, NC
Future meetings TBD

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