No Show Policy

No-shows increase GoDurham ACCESS’s operational costs, wastes taxpayers’ funds and cause an inconvenience to passengers who are riding the van or who wanted to but were unable to book a trip during the time of the no-show. An unchecked pattern of no-shows encourages waste and mistreatment of the service and passengers. Therefore, it is important to identify those passengers who have developed a pattern and practice of accumulating no-shows, based on their frequency of use.

In order to be subject to a Warning or Suspension, a passenger must have booked eight (8) trips or more in a calendar month. Example: If a passenger books eight (8) trips and no-shows 25% or more of these trips during the calendar month, they will be in violation of the no-show policy and subject to the progressive corrective action plan.

A passenger will be subject to the progressive corrective action plan only if both the minimum number of trips booked and the minimum number of no-shows are reached during a calendar month.

All suspension periods will begin on a Monday. The length of a passenger’s suspension will adhere to the progressive corrective action plan described as followed:

  • First violation in a rolling 12-month period: Verbal Warning
  • Second violation in a rolling 12-month period: Final Warning Letter
  • Third violation in a rolling 12-month period: 7 days
  • Fourth violation in a rolling 12-month period: 14 days
  • Fifth violation in a rolling 12-month period: 21 days
  • Sixth and subsequent violations in a rolling 12-month period: 30 days

A trip cancelled in accordance with this policy, (i.e., more than one hour before the start of the pick-up window) will not be counted in the total number of trips booked, nor included in the Verbal or Final Warning Letter.

GoDurham ACCESS will retain records on passenger compliance regarding this policy. A Verbal Warning and copy of this policy will be issued upon the first violation. A Final Warning and copy of this policy will be issued upon the second violation. Further violation of this policy will result in suspension per the above schedule.

If a passenger no shows or late cancels because of circumstances beyond their control, they are to call GoDurham ACCESS Reservations or the dispatcher at: (919) 560-1551 ext. 2 and explain the circumstance for the infraction. No shows or late cancels must be disputed within fifteen (15) business days after the end of the calendar month in which they occur. At this time the passenger can request the removal of the no show or late cancel. Any no show or late cancel that is found to be in error will be removed from the client’s account.

Right of Appeal

Anyone affected by this policy is entitled to request an appeal. If a passenger disputes a suspension under this policy they have the right to file an appeal. Appeal requests must be filed in writing per the instructions noted in the appeal section of the policy. If a passenger misses the appeal request deadline, that passenger’s service will be suspended on the date listed on the Suspension of Service Notification. A copy of the appeal process will be sent to the passenger along with the suspension letter.

GoDurham ACCESS complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, available for review at

Contact the GoDurham ACCESS ADA Specialist at (919) 560-1555, extension *36303 if you need further assistance.

GoDurham ACCESS Appeals Process

For customers who choose to appeal a suspension, steps must be followed in order listed below or you will lose the opportunity to appeal the suspension.

  1. To appeal your service suspension, you must make either a verbal or written appeal of suspension to the GoDurham ACCESS ADA Specialist. This must be done within 7 calendar days after the date of the “Letter of Suspension.”
  2. If you disagree with the decision made in Step #1, your appeal is sent for an automatic second review. This review will be made by the Transit Manager. You will be notified in writing of the Transit Manager’s decision.
  3. If you disagree with the decision made in Step #2, you may appeal the decision in writing to the City of Durham’s ADA Compliance Officer/Transportation Department. Your written request for appeal must be received by the City of Durham within 5 calendar days after the date of the written decision in Step #2, from the Transit Manager. The ADA Compliance Officer’s/Transportation Department Designee’s determination is final.

Contact Information: GoDurham ACCESS, 1911 Fay Street, Durham, NC 27704