Communicating with GoDurham

GoDurham provides a vital service to the residents of Durham County. As a result, representatives from the Communications and Public Affairs Office are always happy to try to provide information about its operations to assist members of the media in writing their stories.

Information Requests/Interviews/Images

To request information, interviews or images, please call the communications office at 919-485-7413. We will make every attempt to provide the information, spokesperson or image within your deadline. Please feel free to use the images and logos included in this media packet when writing stories about GoDurham. Looking for a specific image? Contact our videographer at

Please note that those wanting to shoot videos, take photographs or interview customers on GoDurham property need to make a request in advance through the communications office.

Those on GoDurham property to conduct an interview or to review requested information will be met by a staffer who will assist during the visit. For safety and security, visitors need to stay with the assigned representative while on our property.

When taping, taking still photographs or conducting interviews on GoDurham property, please don’t obstruct our passengers entering or leaving buses, shuttles, vanpools and transfer areas. If riders or bus operators decline interview or photo requests, please respect their wishes.

Document Requests

GoDurham and City of Durham follows North Carolina General Statutes when it comes to requests for documents. Please make all formal document requests to Beverly Thompson at City of Durham or submit your request online.

Incident Procedures

On the rare occasion a serious incident occurs, we share confirmed information with media as soon as practicable.

When an emergency is likely to generate extensive media coverage, GoDurham will:

  • Designate a spokesperson.
  • Disclose, as soon as available, the type of vehicle involved and the number of persons on the vehicle.
  • Provide a general description of the incident and its effect on GoDurham operations.

At the site of a serious incident, law enforcement or medical personnel may restrict media access and movement. If the incident warrants, the GoDurham communications team may designate a media staging area and provide a representative to assist media members, who will need identification for access.

For media inquiries, please call the communications office at 919-485-7413.

For some incidents, a public service agency such as law enforcement, fire departments or EMS will file a formal report that media members can obtain. GoDurham’s own internal investigation may take days or even weeks.

Public Meetings

Media members are welcome to observe, film or record GoDurham's public meetings.

Dates of public meetings and their agenda are listed on the Planning page.