Bus stops play an important role in how our riders experience transit. GoDurham is working closely with GoTriangle and the City of Durham to continuously improve our bus stops by providing the best amenities for riders as they board and depart the bus.

GoDurham is actively improving stops in its system to meet Durham’s standards for accessibility, shelter, seating, security and lighting. In 2020, more than $3 million in local funding will be dedicated to bus stop improvements throughout the city. A combination of money dedicated to transit – a half-cent sales tax, vehicle registration fees and a vehicle rental tax -- and the city’s Participatory Budgeting program will pay for them.

Listening to what riders, businesses, churches and other community institutions need is a significant part of the process for choosing what bus stop improvements to make.

Choosing the bus stops

Choosing the next bus stops that qualify for improvements is based primarily on the number of boardings at a stop and how easily the improvements can be made.

  • To qualify for a shelter in Durham, a stop must have at least 20 boardings a day.

  • To get a bench, it should have at least 10 boardings a day.

  • Other amenities include concrete pads, trash receptacles and solar lights.

Cost of improvements

The process for improving a bus stop can involve design work and a need to acquire property in addition to the actual construction. After installing amenities, accounting for design costs and building sidewalk connections, the total cost to build a bus stop often ranges between $35,000 and $50,000.

Better Bus Stops Program – The Better Bus Stops program provides construction opportunities that are well-suited for small, local and minority-owned businesses. Of the four construction packages awarded in 2019, small minority-owned businesses won three contracts representing nearly 60 percent of the total construction value. The program puts tax dollars to work in the community.

The Durham Transit Plan includes funding for design, real estate acquisition and construction for improvements at 50 GoDurham bus stops per year (timeframe still being determined).

These improvements will include upgrades to accessibility, safety and sidewalk connections, and many will add shelters, seating and other amenities.

Notable Bus Stop Improvements:

Glenn View Station Bus Stop- The Glenn View Bus Station, previously located on E. Greer Street is now be located in the Walmart Shopping Center on 1675 Glenn School Rd. This stop has received full renovations with shelters, benches, sidewalk, and bike racks. This stop went into operation on Sept. 7th 2020, read more about it's unveiling here. This stop improvement was conducted through the Better Bus Stop program and was made possible by collaborations with the City of Durham, Durham County, and Walmart Corporate.

Coming Up Next

In GoDurham’s current phase of bus stops improvements, 62 bus stops are in the design phase, 16 of which were constructed in summer 2020 after being reviewed by GoTriangle, which coordinates and conducts research in bus stops needing improvements. These 16 stops were fitted with ADA pads, and some also received shelters and benches. The total cost of construction on these 16 stops is $320,095 and the cost of design for all 62 stops is $496,000.

Tactical Transit Amenities

GoDurham and GoTriangle continue to collaborate with each other and the City of Durham on evaluating bus stops for tactical improvements. Funds for tactical improvements are included in the Durham Transit Plan. Tactical improvements include adding Simme-seats (see image to the right) and other seating, solar lights and/or shelters without any major physical modification to the site. GoTriangle recently bought 38 benches for installation through the Better Bus Stops program. 

Park and Rides

As one of the Park and Ride locations that GoDurham serves, the Patterson Place Park and Ride will undergo a series of improvements that include bus shelter upgrades, lighting improvement, and turn radius reconfiguration.

City of Durham Solar Light Pilot Program and Public Art

As part of the Participatory Budgeting initiative, the City of Durham’s Cultural and Public Art Program is partnering with the Budget and Management Services Department to hire professional artists/artist teams to create public art that will enrich new solar-powered bus stops. Through the Participatory Budgeting process, the community chose nine bus stop locations to get shelters and other amenities across the three wards of Durham. For more information on this project, visit: https://durhamnc.gov/4281/Public-Art-for-Bus-Shelters

Bus Stop Access Improvements – As of 2020, the Durham Transit Plan now includes money for access and safety improvements near bus stops. Those improvements include completing sidewalks where there are gaps and adding new or enhanced crosswalks and signals. These projects will be designed and constructed by the city as a complement to bus stop improvements underway through the Better Bus Stops program.


Bull City residents have the opportunity to improve the appearance and safety of our community by partnering with Keep Durham Beautiful to "adopt" a bus stop. The Adopt-A-Stop program allows residents to help keep Durham litter-free. Volunteers should clean their bus stops once a week. Getting on board with the Adopt-a-Stop program is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

  1. Choose a bus stop then contact Keep Durham Beautiful to set up an Adoption Agreement.

  2. Sign the agreement and pick up work logs, safety materials and supplies from Keep Durham Beautiful.

  3. Keep your stop clean. Volunteers should clean their stops once a week, four times a month. In exchange for completed work logs, adoptees will get 10 day passes per month to use on GoDurham routes.

  4. Contact Keep Durham Beautiful at 919-560-4197 to find out how you can help.

Share your thoughts

GoDurham continues to welcome input from members of the community about where possible bus stop improvements are needed. Submit a stop by filling out the form found here.