GoDurham is committed to providing transit customers a safe, secure and comfortable experience at bus stops.

GoDurham and the City of Durham work closely together to determine where new bus stop improvements are needed and which amenities should be installed, keeping in mind the values and priorities of the Durham community. Listening to what riders, businesses and churches need is part of the process.

Bus stop improvements are funded through a half-cent sales tax approved by Durham County voters in November 2011.

godurham bus stops 2019Choosing the bus stops

Choosing the next bus stops that qualify for improvements is based primarily on the number of boardings at the stop and how easily and quickly the improvements can be made.

  • To qualify for a shelter in Durham, a stop must have at least 20 boardings a day.
  • To get a bench, it should have at least 10 boardings a day.
  • Other amenities include concrete pads, trash receptacles and solar lights.

Cost of improvements

The process of improving a bus stop can involve design work, easements, rights of way and a need to acquire property in addition to the actual construction. Installing a new shelter costs about $13,000 for the materials and labor, a free-standing bench is about $2,000 and a Simme-Seat is about $700 to buy and install. Design costs for each stop can range between $9,000 and $16,000, and providing concrete pads and connections to sidewalks can range between $9,000 and $30,000 or more depending on the site. 

Coming up next

Most recently, GoDurham identified 20 bus stops for improvements, with eight projects completed, six in the construction phase and six scheduled to start in October. This package of 20 bus stop improvements will cost about $785,000 to provide including design, construction and amenities.

The next phase of bus stop improvements in Durham will target 50 more stops that GoTriangle identified. The City of Durham is reviewing the list.

Share your thoughts

GoDurham continues to welcome input from members of the community on where possible bus stop improvements are needed.  Submit a stop by filling out the form found here.