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Our Mission

GoDurham’s mission is to provide safe, reliable, convenient and accessible transportation for the citizens and visitors of the Triangle region. We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of the community while exceeding customer expectation in a cost-effective and responsible manner. The GoDurham team is professional, knowledgeable and proud to serve our customers.

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Under New Management!

Read more about the results of the first year of GoDurham's new management.
First Year Report: Managing DATA (pdf format)

First Year Report: Managing the Bull City Connector (pdf format)


Transit Service Planning

Designing Better Bus Service

The City of Durham and Triangle Transit are conducting a comprehensive analysis of the GoDurham bus service to look at ways to improve the service. In June 2012 Triangle Transit provided recommendations for service improvements to the City of Durham in a Final Draft Plan. 

Community outreach for Designing Better Bus Service began in March 2011. Triangle Transit staff met with stakeholders and members of the community at neighborhood meetings. Input from current GoDurham passengers was collected with an on-board survey as well. Feedback from the public will continue to be sought throughout the Designing Better Bus Service project with public workshops at critical stages in the process.

Upcoming Transit Projects
Triangle Transit service planning staff is using the results from Designing Better Bus Service and the Durham County Bus Investment Plan to implement various service enhancements throughout Durham. 

GoDurham ACCESS: Paratransit Services
GoDurham ACCESS is the name of the ADA paratransit service for the City of Durham. GoDurham ACCESS is sponsored by the Durham Area Transit Authority (GoDurham). Only riders who meet the criteria specified by the ADA and who have been certified as eligible can use GoDurham ACCESS. Persons do not qualify automatically just because they have a disability or on the basis of age. Eligibility is based on a person's functional limitations. For more information and regisitration forms, click here. 

GoDurham ID Cards
The GoDurham ID card is free. An initial card will be issued without a waiting period if you meet the eligibility criteria. Individuals may qualify for discounted or free fares for reason of student status, age, illness, injury, or other condition.

ID cards are issued on the first floor of Durham Station from 8:30am-11am and 12:30-4:30pm Monday through Friday. You must bring proof of age and/or your Medicare card if applicable.

Discounts for riders with disabilities: A GoDurham ID or Medicare card is required to receive the reduced fare of $0.50. Eligibility criteria is based on a person's ability to use regular mass transportation services and presumes a level of personal mobility and independence to the degree that use of mass transportation would be a reasonable expectation. Individuals on Medicare also are eligible.

Student Discount: Students 17 and under pay $0.25 for a one-way trip with GoDurham ID.  This discounted fare is valid weekdays (M-F) until 8pm. 

Youth 12 & Under: Youth taller than 60 inches require a GoDurham ID to ride free.

Seniors 65 & over: A government issued photo ID or GoDurham ID is required to ride free.

Special Programs

GoDurham and Keep Durham Beautiful offers residents of Durham an opportunity to improve the appearance and safety of our community. The Adopt-A-Stop program allows residents to make a difference in the community to help keep Durham litter-free. Volunteers should clean their bus stop at least twice a month. Getting on board with the Adopt-a-Stop program is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Choose a bus stop; contact Keep Durham Beautiful to set up an Adoption Agreement; Sign an adoption agreement and pick up work logs, safety material and supplies from Keep Durham Beautiful. Contact Keep Durham Beautiful at 560-4197 to find out how you can help.