What is the GoDurham Senior Shuttle Program?

Residents from 10 senior communities in Durham will be able to take a free weekly shuttle between their homes and the Walmart at Glenn View Station. Funded through the Durham Transit Plan, this pilot program is the direct result of a request from the grassroots organization End Hunger Durham to improve access to grocery stores for seniors. The pilot program is a partnership among the City of Durham, End Hunger Durham and GoTriangle.


GoDurham ACCESS will operate the fare-free service hourly between 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. one day a week from each these communities. No advanced booking is required. For information on the location of the bus stop and scheduled departure times, please download the flyer.







When done shopping, residents can catch the shuttle home from the main Walmart entrance, though the service will adhere to the GoDurham ACCESS Mobility Service Guide depending on conditions. View Route Brochure.



Frequently Asked Questions

The service is free.

Any limitation applicable to the GoDurham ACCESS ADA paratransit service will also apply to the Senior Shuttle.

If all available space is taken, a second vehicle will be sent as soon as possible to serve the remaining customers.

The shuttles will run on a published schedule so you do not need to book in advance. However, GoDurham is encouraging the senior community offices to offer a sign-up sheet to make sure there’s room for everyone who wants to ride the shuttle. 

  • Forest Hill Heights: ADA parking at community center
  • J.J. Henderson: front entrance driveway
  • Preiss-Steele: ADA parking in internal parking area
  • Morning Glory: ADA parking in internal parking area
  • Hosiery Mill: entrance by roundabout, near ADA parking

GoDurham Route 3 provides service every 30 minutes from Walmart to Durham Station, where you can transfer to another GoDurham route that serves your senior housing complex:

  • Forest Hill Heights: Routes 5 and 7
  • J.J. Henderson: Routes 10 and 10B
  • Preiss-Steele: Route 9A and 9B
  • Morning Glory and Hosiery Mill: Routes 2, 12 and 12B

The current GoDurham ACCESS Mobility Service Guide allows up to three bags.

A sign in the windshield will indicate that a vehicle is the Senior Shuttle.

If you need help, please call GoDurham ACCESS at 919-560-1551. For general questions such as schedules, bus stops and days of operations, please contact the Regional Information Center at 919-485-7433.

The program will serve Walmart because surveys of seniors in the area have indicated that Walmart is the most popular grocery store. It sells a wide range of goods, including pharmaceuticals, and there are other stores within minimal walking distance. The Senior Shuttle pilot program is funded through the Durham Transit Plan.