Due to Covid-19, all public meetings have been put on hold until further notice. 

Public Meeting Summaries

Submitting Feedback

GoDurham has several easy ways to submit feedback.


You can submit comments, complaints and question by visiting the GoDurham feedback page. Once there a simple webform will lead you through the details needed for GoDurham staff to investigate your comment and respond to you. Details include:

  • Your contact information (email required via online form)
  • How you would like us to contact you (this is a required questions, but you can say that you don't wish to be contacted.
  • The agency this comment is for (this is a required question because through this form you can submit feedback for GoTriangle, GoDurham, GoRaleigh, GoCary and Chapel Hill Transit)
  • What your complaint is about (required question). Examples include:
    • Bus Service
    • Bus Stops/Shelters
    • Paratransit
    • Vanpool
    • Website Issues
    • the Information Center/phone number
    • Community Events and etc.
  • Date/Time
  • Route/Location, and
  • a brief description of the incident, comment or question.

After you click submit, your comment will be sent to the appropriate staff member. They will review your comment, do any research required and respond to you. This process can take some time, please allow 10 business days before following up with our staff.


You can call 919.485.RIDE (7433) to submit a comment. A member of the call center will walk you through the questions on the form above and submit the request on your behalf.


You can talk with a supervisor or customer service representative to submit a comment. Feedback forms are available at Durham Station.


  • Submit your comment as soon as possible following an event. Our vehicles are equipped with video cameras, on both the inside and outside. Our camera system stores video anywhere between 14-30 days at a time. The sooner you submit your comment, the more likely we are able to pull video to verify your comment.
  • Be as detailed as possible. GoDurham operates throughout the city, 18 hours a day, the more specific you are, the greater chance our team has of verifying and addressing your comment.
  • Don't engage an operator. If you have an encounter with an operator or an experience at a transit facility, it's best to report it to a supervisor or customer service representative. Operators are tasked with safely operating a vehicle and running as scheduled. This task involves managing dozens of variables at a time, and an operator may not have the capacity in the moment to properly document or address your feedback.

GoDurham Transit Plan Update

GoDurham's service planning team will present a transit plan update to the Durham City Council at their budget retreat on Friday, March 8. (Updated February 13: the presentation to City Council originally scheduled for February 15, was rescheduled for March 8) Following that presentation, We hope to present the transit plan for approval at a city council meeting in March. Assuming the plan is approved, the first service changes will occur in September. Learn more about the transit plan here: https://godurhamtransit.org/transit-plan 

Meeting Summary

A meeting summary is available for download by clicking the link: February 2019 Public Meeting Summary

GoDurham Updates

  • GoDurham will get two new buses in April and another two in the summer.
  • GoDurham is continuing to work on requirements to order electric buses.
  • GoDurham is short on operators. Help us recruit. Applications are available at: https://godurhamtransit.org/careers.

GoDurham ACCESS Update

  • GoDurham ACCESS invested in a new automatic call back feature.
  • GoDurham ACCESS hired six new operators and will hire two more operators.

Meeting Summary

A meeting summary is available for download by clicking the link: April 2019 Public Meeting Summary

GoDurham Updates

  • GoDurham received two new buses and our maintenance team is preparing them for service
  • GoDurham is working toward purchase six used buses to help replace older vehicles
  • GoDurham struggled during May with the operator shortage and missed several trips
    • Staff has recruited some new operators and they are in class
    • Staff changed the structure of some operator assignments, to prevent missed trips
  • Engaged customer service trainers to help train some operators and provide a better rider experience

GoDurham ACCESS Update

  • GoDurham ACCESS hired six new operators and will hire two more operators.
  • GoDurham ACCESS currently runs 50 vehicles

Meeting Summary

A meeting summary is available for download by clicking the link: June 2019 Public Meeting Summary

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is GoDurham getting new buses?

A: GoDurham has a five year plan for ordering new vehicles to replace older vehicles.

Q: How often are buses cleaned?

A: GoDurham cleans every bus every day. Most buses leave the maintenance garage between 5:30 and 7 a.m. and remain in service until 7 p.m. Unfortunately, sometimes an accident may occur in the morning which results in the bus becoming dirty. GoDurham operators do their best to spot clean their vehicle and if a major mess is found, our maintenance team makes every effort to switch the vehicle and address the issue. This is one of the reasons why no food or drink other than water is allowed on GoDurham vehicles.

Q: What is GoDurham doing about the condition of the seats?

A: We've noticed that seats can get very dirty during the course of normal operations. We clean seats weekly, but we are looking into changing the fabric seats with plastic seats that will be easier to spot clean.

Q: How long will the 2003 buses be on the road?

A: We are working on strategies to replace the 2003 buses, which are the oldest in the fleet, ahead of schedule. According to our fleet management plan, our current buses are scheduled to be replaced by 2024.