Durham, NC (Nov. 2, 2018) - GoDurham has been awarded a Federal Transit Administration grant that will allow the agency to buy its first electric buses.

Nearly a quarter of GoDurham’s fleet was bought in 2003. The $2.1 million grant will go toward replacing four of the aging buses with electric ones, with the process starting in December.

“Updating our fleet with no-emissions buses is just one more way that GoDurham is showing its commitment to the community,” says Doug Middleton, GoDurham’s general manager. “We’re excited that we’re going to be more environmentally friendly in addition to being a safe, efficient and effective public transportation agency.”

NC State University in conjunction with the NC Clean Energy Technology Center studied which GoDurham routes might be most conducive to using electric buses based on current route structures and charging and depot operations. The study recommended Routes 1, 2, 3T, 14, 23 and NHS as possibilities.

  • Route 1 serves northwest Durham via Guess Road.
  • Route 2 serves east Durham via Main Street and Angier Avenue.
  • 3T provides additional service along Route 3, serving east Durham via Holloway Street at night and on weekends
  • Route 14 connects south Durham serving the Streets at Southpoint mall and NC-54.
  • NHS provides additional service along Route 9, serving north Roxboro Road, allowing more students at Northern High School to access transit service.

GoDurham has not contacted any electric bus manufacturers but plans to put out bids in December, according to Pierre Owusu, transit administrator for the City of Durham. He said the city plans to buy many more electric buses as older diesel buses age out of commission.

Earlier this year, GoDurham was recognized as the urban Transit System of the Year by the North Carolina Public Transit Association for demonstrating exceptional achievement and leadership in its community.

On average, GoDurham transported 35 passengers an hour in 2017, compared with a peer average of 21 riders an hour, outpacing transit systems in Charlotte, Richmond and Norfolk.

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