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GoDurham Updates Stroller Policy to Help Families Travel More Easily


DURHAM, N.C. – Families traveling with small children will soon find it easier to ride the bus when using a stroller thanks to upcoming changes in GoDurham’s stroller policy.

Beginning on Monday, August 1, riders with strollers may ask GoDurham operators to deploy the bus ramp allowing their children to remain in their strollers as they enter and exit the bus. Strollers with children may also be placed in the designated wheelchair-accessible area and remain in their strollers for the duration of their ride as long as it’s not occupied by a wheelchair/mobility-device user. Under the previous policy, riders with strollers were required to collapse their strollers to enter and exit the bus and to keep their stroller collapsed for the duration of their ride.

“GoDurham is excited to unveil this policy change next week to improve transit as a family-friendly option for our residents,” said City of Durham Transportation Director Sean Egan. “We’re thankful for our riders and community members who contributed feedback during our community engagement events that motivated this policy change.”

According to Egan, riders who are elderly, use wheelchairs or other mobility devices will continue to have priority for the accessible areas. If the wheelchair-accessible area is occupied by a stroller when a wheelchair/mobility-device user or elderly individual seeking accessible seating enters the bus, riders with strollers using this area will be required to collapse their stroller to allow room for their boarding.

To help ensure the safety of children who remain in their stroller during their bus ride, guardians are required to maintain complete control of the stroller with one hand remaining on the stroller while the bus is moving. If the stroller has brakes, they should be also used to help prevent rolling during the bus ride. Strollers cannot remain in any position that may pose safety hazards to other riders. Strollers are also prohibited from blocking aisles, bus doors, and emergency exits.

According to Egan, GoDurham plans to continue its efforts in providing family-family transit by ensuring future bus purchases are configured with 2 wheelchair-accessible areas to better accommodate the needs of the elderly, wheelchair/mobility-device users and families with strollers.


To provide more feedback on rider experiences, other GoDurham rider policies, and get more details on any new service changes and current transit projects, residents are invited to attend the next GoDurham Public Meeting on Wednesday, August 3 at 5:30 p.m. on the second floor of the Durham Station Transportation Center, located at 515 W. Pettigrew St.