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GoDurham Bus Operators Achieved 17 MILLION MILES Accident Free!

GoDurham and City of Durham Honor Million Milers 

GoDurham recognizes 16 of its bus operators for extraordinary performance in avoiding preventable accidents for over 17 MILLION MILES. GoDurham’s Million Miler Club was created to honor bus operators who drove 1 million consecutive miles without a preventable accident while driving GoDurham’s fixed route service.

GoDurham inducted the following bus operators into the Million Miler Club during its annual Award Ceremony on December 11th 2022:

  • Frank Burgess
  • Percival Patterson
  • Fred Mouling
  • Gary Lennon
  • Kirk Michell
  • Maratha Hammie
  • Tonia Burnette
  • Ada Lloyd
  • Johnny Tindall
  • Danita Rice
  • Tracy Scott
  • Aldolfo Gomez
  • Antonio Thomspon
  • Jeffery Peaks
  • Howard Foster
  • Jeffrey Woods

Some of the GoDurham Bus Operators inducted into the Million Miler Club at GoDurham's Dec. 11th 2022 Award Ceremony


Additional accolades were given to bus operator Frank Burgess, who achieved the amazing feat of driving 2 MILLION MILES without a preventable accident.

Each Million Miler Club member will be recognized at the upcoming City Council Meeting on Monday, February 20th.


Thank you to our bus operators for all your service and accomplishing this outstanding achievement.