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GoDurham Honors Staff for Transit Operations Appreciation Week 2023

March 10th 2023 - Transit Operations Appreciation Day is recognized in honor of the launch of the very first bus line, “Carrosses à cinq sols” which launched on March 18th, 1662, in Paris, France. GoDurham’s socials celebrates the March 18th holiday all week-long with Transit Operations Appreciation Week, beginning Monday, March 13th by highlighting the many talented teams who work in front of and behind the scenes to provide GoDurham’s fixed-route and paratransit riders safe and reliable transit here in Durham.

“We couldn’t do it without our operators and our entire Operations and maintenance staff that maintains our equipment and all the infrastructure it takes to run one of North Carolina’s busiest transit systems,” stated Doug Middleton, General Manager at GoDurham. “My hope is that all riders can take a moment to thank their bus operators for the safe, reliable and courteous service they provide to them on weekdays, weekends, nights and holidays!”

“This is a great time to thank all our transit employees and show our gratitude for their hard work and dedication,” stated Tara Walton, General Manager at GoDurham ACCESS. “I salute every employee from the Operations and Maintenance Departments for showing up and doing their best to make sure we are dependable and reliable.”

Join GoDurham and GoDurham ACCESS as they highlight their hard working staff:

  • GoDurham and GoDurham ACCESS give its gratitude to their bus operators, who go above and beyond to keep GoDurham’s fixed route and paratransit services running, including working on the front lines during the height of the pandemic. Bus operators represent the face of GoDurham and GoDurham ACCESS, ensuring riders get to their destination safely and on time, with GoDurham operators operating its fixed route service and with ACCESS operators helping riders with various impairments and challenges reach destinations not provided by GoDurham’s fixed route service.
  • GoDurham and GoDurham ACCESS honors their customer service representatives who operate as the helpful voices of GoDurham and GoDurham’s paratransit services. When riders need help with a map, an update on bus times, scheduling their paratransit trip, or simply needing to check the lost and found, GoDurham’s and GoDurham ACCESS’ customer service representatives work hard to help get riders on the right track.
  • Maintenance and mechanic staff are recognized as GoDurham’s and ACCESS’ behind the scenes heroes. From maintaining buses, fixing up and cleaning facilities, diagnosing, and repairing issues, the maintenance and mechanics staff help keep our buses and facilities in working order. Their extra efforts in keeping the buses clean and disinfected during the covid-19 pandemic helped keep bus operators and riders safe.
  • GoDurham and GoDurham’s ACCESS administrative and executive staff are appreciated for the work they do in overseeing GoDurham’s and ACCESS’ day-to-day operations. They work closely in tandem with GoDurham and ACCESS bus operators, customer service representatives, maintenance, and mechanic staff to continue to make improvements and do its best to serve the Durham community.

With GoDurham’s ridership averaging over 440,000 a month (July 2022 – Jan. 2023) and GoDurham ACCESS’ ridership averaging over 10,300 a month (July 2022 – Jan. 2023), it takes the talent of the fixed route and paratransit teams that ensure GoDurham and GoDurham ACCESS keep up with the demand.

GoDurham and GoDurham ACCESS are proud to celebrate their teams not just during Transit Operations Appreciation Week, but all year long!