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GoDurham Transit Summit

On Monday, September 26th,  GoDurham hosted a half day Transit Summit that included speakers from First Transit, National Express Transit, TransDev and Keolis sharing what they have done throughout the US to keep service on the road.The focus of this summit was on the creative ways to conduct operator recruitment and retention. 

The attendees for the summit included employees from operations, planning, HR and finance staff. The main topics discussed during the summit were scheduling, financial incentives, recruitment ideas, as well as an update from First Transit on their autonomous vehicle projects.

It was a great day hearing innovative ideas for the future of transit!


Photo of Doug Middleton, Tara Caldwell, Stephanie Maher, Laurie Barrett, Joanna Rustin, Sean Egan, Chris Langmayer and David Bonner.







On Sept. 26th GoDurham hosted a half day summit discussing the future of transit.